Selected Work

LAR · Judit Neddermann · Album

Overall design · CD, vinyl, booklets and sleeves, singles, merchandising, artist website + e-shop. Photographed by Siempredeluto / Web dev by Mar Fernández

De Biesterhof

Full visual identity for De Biesterhof, a regenerative farming community near Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The image reflects the soft combating attitude or organic farmers joint together. Information board, beer labels, brochures, signage and posters design.

La Nueva Carne

A printed magazine about human beings in the digital era. Run by agency Fuego Camina Conmigo, I've been designing for the magazine since issue no.1 / 4 issues up to date. (Cover design by @thelastdiego) { Buy here }


Full visual identity and collateral for Mercedes Boronat's moving practice. Identity, Event posters, printed documents and website design.

Canto a la Imaginación · Marina Tuset · Album

Graphic design: Physical CD, booklet + posters. / Art direction by Valerie Moso. Art assistant Patricia Mozo. Photographer Mafe Espitia. Fashion designer Darlyn Tirado. Make up and hair by Bissa Moreno

Alexandræ album

Art direction + Design for Gaueamus Omnes album. Foldable booklet. Photography by Oriol Cervantes.

Bru Ferri

Bru Ferri's first album comes in newspaper format, packed with secret words printed in yellow almost-unreadable ink, lyrics and artwork. AD + Design. Photography Oriol Cervantes.

Ísland, journey to black

Photobook from days of fire and ice in the lands of Iceland. © Photography & Design: Graphitons. Book bound by Mercè Soler. { Available for purchase on demand }

Momento Boom · Book

A guide for young creators by Mercedes Boronat, with visuals & designs by Graphitons.

Step into Ina's autumnal world / Step into Ina's quantum world