LAR · Judit Neddermann album

Overall design · CD, vinyl, booklets and sleeves, singles, merchandising, artist website + e-shop. Photographed by Siempredeluto / Web dev by Mar Fernández

La Nueva Carne

A printed magazine about human beings in the digital era. Run by agency Fuego Camina Conmigo, I've been their designer since issue no.1 / 4 issues up to date. (Cover design by @thelastdiego) { Buy here }

Canto a la imaginación · Marina Tuset's Album

Graphic design: Physical CD, booklet + posters. / Art direction by Valerie Moso. Art assistant Patricia Mozo. Photographer Mafe Espitia. Fashion designer Darlyn Tirado. Make up and hair by Bissa Moreno

Alexandræ album

Art direction + Design for Gaueamus Omnes album. Foldable booklet. Photography by Oriol Cervantes.

Bru Ferri

Bru Ferri's first album comes in newspaper format, packed with secret words printed in yellow almost-unreadable ink, lyrics and artwork. AD + Design. Photography Oriol Cervantes.

Ísland, journey to black

Photobook from days of fire and ice in the lands of Iceland. © Photography & Design: Graphitons. Book bound by Mercè Soler. { Available for purchase on demand }

'Momento Boom' book

A guide for young creators by Mercedes Boronat, with visuals & designs by Graphitons.

This is a small selection of work. Here are some websites designed and coded from scratch by Graphitons:

Can Bonamic

Keep Moving Method

Elena Tarrats

& this website.

Graphitons designs a lot of books and catalogues. Some are 'La vida del Buda' for Padmapani Editorial | 'Cadafalch' exhibition catalogue for Museu de Mataró | 'Mindfulness' by Fernando Rodríguez | 'Momento Boom' by Mercedes Boronat | Issues 1-4 of 'La Nueva Carne' magazine | A book for Sophie Calle by Mercè Soler.

Graphtions works regularly for visual and musical artists, and undertakes visual communication projects for dance companies, municipalities, festivals and festivities.

Step into a fairy world / Step into a quantum world