dance of the cosmos dansa del cosmos

interactive art installation about quantum physics

At the intersection of design, quantum physics, music and technology, Dance of the cosmos is an art installation where the visitors’ interaction is key. A journey into the quantum dimension, an interpretation of string theory in a tangible experience where music, light and concept are fused with the movements of those who enter the space, creating ephemeral universes with the dance of their own bodies.

The project focuses on String theory, the name for a mathematically elegant hypothesis that unifies the four known forces of the universe, adding quantum gravity into the equations.

String theory describes the whole universe, from the smallest neutrino to the biggest galaxy, and postulates that elementary particles aren’t the smallest thing in the cosmos, but that they are created by tiny strands of energy, the thinnest strings, which produce elementary particles as they vibrate. Just like the strings of an instrument creating musical notes with their vibration, the strings from the theory would create particles with their different ways of vibrating.

The concept evolves into an installation where seventeen beams of light represent the strings from the theory, one for each of the seventeen elementary particles. These light beams fall from the ceiling, vertically to the floor. Each light beam is connected to a sensor on the floor, which is activated when the light reaching it is blocked: when someone puts their hand or body through the light beam, the sensor activates a sound. Each light beam is associated with an elementary particle, and each particle is assigned a specific sound, which can be heard when someone moves under the light beam.


This installation was conceived, conceptualised, designed and directed by Graphitons. The collaborators that made it possible are: