alexandrae album art

concept · art direction · cover art · booklet design

Alexandræ is a musical project by Elena Tarrats & Marc Vilajuana. "Back to the roots from a progressive attitude" is their motto. My job was to convey this concept through the art direction and graphic design for their debut album. The visual strategy developed is a combination of photographs inspired by Dutch interior's painting masters, beautifully photographed by Oriol Cervantes, combined with the extreme and elegant typeface Cosi Azure.

We decided not to produce the album in a conventional CD format because almost no one has CD players anymore and it's unnecessary plastic being thrown out into the world. So when buying the 'album', one actually gets an unfoldable booklet with in-depth insight into the music, the lyrics, the themes and perspectives of the album, explored through photographs, interviews to interesting people, and written testimonials from very special guests. And it is hand bound by the artists themselves.